1.  Can I choose a kid that i want to  sponsor?

Yes you can select/choose any Girl or Boy to sponsor and also can sponsor both or more then one kids.

2.  What does an annual Sponsor include?

The Annual sponsor includes the cost of Annual admission charge., tuition fees, textbooks, uniforms, notebooks, pen, pencils, toiletries items, exam fees, school transportation and any other school related fees/costs.

3.  How much cost for a child to sponsor

The sponsorship cost per child per year is US$ 600. only

4.  Do i need to pay the sponsorship fee annually ?

It depends on on your interest. you can sent your payment 4 times a year, three times a year, two times a year and annually..

5.  How can i contact with a child ?

You can keep in touch with your sponsored child with exchanging letter, and also can communicate via internet calling. ending occasional greetings and etc

6.  Can i sent some items for the kids?

Yes of course you can sent them items like clothing, notebooks, stationery items,

7.  What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

You can sent your payment via PayPal via our website and through our campaign link https://fundrazr.com/carenepal?ref=ab_96nKsf

8.  Where i can sent the items for kids if i want?

You can sent it through general post office to:

Prakash Dangol

Sankhu-6, Kathmandu Nepal, Contact # 9803396560