Sustainable Of Education

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Since the devastating earthquake in Sankhu in 2015, the economic situation of people living there at Sankhu has deteriorated and children are not being able to go back to schools. In this situation we can feel that parents are suffering from recent Earthquake and need help for their children send back to school. Herchaha Nepal (Care4nepal) closely investigates this issue and formally starts supporting with 8 children from July 2016. So far we are supporting 25 children from 5 different schools and 24 needy families for their economic growth. Herchaha Nepal (Care4Nepal) realizes that we need to find out the way to make this project sustainable to educate all of the poor children of Sankhu Village. The best solution to be sustainable is to run our own school, where we can enroll almost 2500 children. The sustainable will be in 5 years period. There are different private school in Sankhu, where there is no well managed and enough facilities for children given. We feel that people of Sankhu are looking for well managed, well equipped, well furnished, well playground, and every parent wants  that their children should not be sick in school. These are the main factors That Sankhu Village needa a better school with following facilities and This is Herchaha Nepal can do this for Sankhu People to give them good education.  Hence Herchaha Nepal (Care4Nepal)  is planning to run our own school in near future to achieve our aim to provide good education Care4Nepal will run its own school with following facilities;
  • Experienced & Qualified Teachers
  • Doctor visiting and daily Nursing Facility
  • Enough play ground & Sports
  • Well equipped Library Facility
  • Audi Visual Learning Room
  • Well managed Computer Lab
  • Transportation
  • Refund plan for paying guardians.
  • etc
Herchaha Nepal’s (Care4Nepal) mission statement is to create intercultural economic development and to educate the poor and needy children from a variety of cultural communities.  So Care4Nepal will implement the program as required to aid the families economically; The estimated goal amount is for the purchase of Land to build schools, School construction Cost, Furnishing for entire school, equipments for schools, School registration, cost, Administration cost for entire construction, etc. Thank you for your helping hand to support entire people of Sankhu Village and educate them for their Village development.